March 21, 2020

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Venue: Liguan Elementary School

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Guam IRA Donates Children's Books to Organizations -

On November 18, 2017, the Guam Council of the International Reading Association donated books to three organizations during its 17th Annual Community Book Fair held at the Agana Shopping Center. The organizations that received the book donation include the Micronesian Resource Center; Philippine School; and Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association.

Guam IRA Donation to organizations on November 18, 2017: Pictured L-R: Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Guam IRA Webmaster and Immediate Past President; Rufina Mendiola, Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association (PIBBA) member; Aileen Namelo, Micronesia Resource Center Project Manager; Rose Cruz Castro, Guam IRA President; Liwanag Dominguez, Philippine school representative; and Geri Charfauros, Guam IRA Treasurer.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guam Council IRA Handouts - Wikimedia

Wikimedia Presentation by Debbie Duenas

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guam IRA President visits Kids International Ministries in the Philippines

To fulfill an outreach mission to promote literacy to a place of need, Guam Council IRA donated over 180+ books, slippers, stationary writing kits, and lunch to over 80 orphans at the K.I.M on December 26, 2012. Why Manila?, you may ask. Manila is home to more than 70,000 street kids. In addition, there is the growing concern for the 1.7 million children living in impoverished and crowded informal settlements springing up all across Metro Manila. Many of these children, rather than going to school, are taking to the streets to beg, work and play. Children come to the K.I.M.  for a variety of reasons—some have been abused, others neglected or abandoned. To care for these children, the organization Kids International Ministries supports several children’s homes. To address the needs of kids and their families in the nearby impoverished settlements, KIM supports a variety of community ministries: Christian education, medical and dental care, livelihood development programs, recreation activities and evangelical outreach ministries. Thank you to John F. Kennedy High School Teacher, Alfredo Mendoza and the President’s cousin Charina Fernandez for accompanying on this mission. Below are the snap shots taken during the mission.

Pictured above L-R:  Charina Fernandez, Jonathan Pilarca, Guam IRA President, and Alfredo Mendoza, JFK Teacher visits K.I.M. 

Guam IRA Donates over 180 books, slippers and stationary writing kits

Guam IRA sponsors lunch and passes out chocolates and candy to over 80 orphans

Literacy and Basketball: IRA sponsors the 5th Annual Girls’ JV Hoopfest 2012 – Post-Season Basketball Tournament

By Geraldine Biliran, IRA Treasurer

In an effort to promote literacy through basketball, the Guam International Reading Association partnered up with the Guam Basketball Confederation for the sponsorship of the 5th Annual Girls' JV Hoopfest 2012, a post-season basketball tournament that seeks to provide opportunity to developing players within the junior varsity division. The participating teams were the Cougars Club, George Washington High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Okkodo High School, Simon Sanchez High School, Southern High School, St. Paul Christian School, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. The tournament ran from December 14 to 20, 2012 and took place at the JFKHS gymnasium.

Aside from the monetary contribution from IRA, literacy was encouraged through the donation of the book Dear Bully (edited by Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones) to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams of the tournament. This book is an anthology of stories about bullying from a variety of top authors such as Lauren Kate, Lauren Oliver, and R.L. Stine. Furthermore, the connection of literacy and basketball was made through the t-shirt design, which illustrated X's and O's being drawn out on a basketball court to allude to the statement that says, “The X's and O's start with literacy.” This idea of merging literacy and basketball has been received by a wide audience of student-athletes, coaches, parents, and teachers as being a creative and truly appreciated approach.

A congratulations is extended to the Okkodo Bulldogs for winning the championship, George Washington Geckos for earning 2nd place, and to the Cougars Club for earning 3rd place. Medals were also given out to the ten All-Tournament Team Members, which were players who made an overall impression with their skills and hard work on the court. Although only three teams got to take home trophies and books, all participating teams profited from the experience of literacy being promoted through the popular game of basketball.

Tournament Snapshots

Saturday, January 5, 2013